For digital, litho and Indigo printers

The Patented PCL3 format. Designed for incredible printing stability, every PCL3 SRA3 label layout has 13mm grip and lay edges with A4 crop marks embedded within the sheet. The 2 PCL A4 formats within the PCL3 sheet also retain the familiar 2mm gutters between the labels for full bleed printing and 13mm grip and lay edges of their own.

The PCL3 format is specifically designed for maximum stability and simplicity of use. PCL3 label format allows a full image bleed by all print methods. A design feature of the sheet, we manufacture in a ‘dry edge’ to both long edges. This ensures smooth feeding through all types of presses and zero adhesive contamination on the edges of the sheet that may otherwise migrate to your press.

All layout templates are freely available to download from our website, giving you a quick and simple way of using your design software to create your artwork for the desired layout.


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